Dustin Cook/Raid: His FULL Post: "You need to get your lifes affairs in order...I will kill you"
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2019-11-02 22:39:12 UTC
Dustin Cook aka Diesel aka Raid aka Char Jackson (and others)

Raid admits he is Dustin Cook

As for who the fuck I am, I'm Dustin Formally Raid/Slam. Co Founder of HHI.
Or, in other words, Your fucking G0D, son.


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His rant is pathetic and grimly humorous . This is a very,
very sick person with delusions of glory far, far beyond his
capabilities. A hunter of ducks in a shooting gallery who
thinks he is truly a macho hunter of men. A loud mouth coward.

My "rant" shouldn't be taken lightly. You really don't know me as you
think you do. Seriously speaking, you need to get your lifes affairs in
order before coming. You won't get another chance to do so, I will kill
you, seriously.

Your not playing a "my gun is better then your gun" game here Harry, I
mean what I say, and I follow thru with everything that I say I'm going
to. If I say I'm going to kill you, I mean it.
Shooting unsuspecting ducks in a shooting gallery -- the great
white hunter -- Raid The Magnificent. Raid The Sicko...along
with the sicko "regulars" of this group who tolerate and
discourse with such an example of the basest form of humanity
such as this. It truly is the universal coming of the William
Jefferson Clinton Age of Amorality.
Nah Harry, You don't understand me at all. But, you'll see.
Unfortunatly, it's a mistake you won't have the opportunity to learn
from, as I plan to execute you; legally.

Once you are finished with the fellow in Cleveland, go back to your
detective shit, and look me up. But, take my warning: get your will,
your life insurance, etc all taken care of before you come, I'm sending
you home in a body bag.

Raid [SLAM]
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Anon Coward's "Anthology of a Psychopath"
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2019-11-04 05:33:34 UTC
Post by Anonymous
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